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Most products are in-stock and will be shipped with-in two or three business days of ordering. The "Time-in-Transit" does not include holidays and weekends and is an estimate.
Prices may vary for in-store purchases and those prices are not available for web site purchases for shipping 
OLD DUTCH ORDERS: IMPORTANT: During shipment, high altitude transportation will cause the bags to expand and contract. This generally doesn't cause damage to the chips, however once in a while it can cause the bags to break and pop open. Due to this issue we recommend not shipping the potato chips/snack items on an overnight air service.
PEARSON'S CANDY BARS: During the summer months, we will restrict shipping candy bars. With the heat, they can melt easily.
You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. We can ship products most anywhere in the United States. 
There is one ship-to address per order.  Sorry we can not ship products into Canada.
We do add a Handling Fee to all orders. The fee varies depending on the quantity , volume and weight of the order. Sale prices that are listed or available at our brick and mortar store do not apply to our On-Line site.
UPS has raised their shipping charges dramatically for "Ground Shipments" We are really sorry, however we have to pass that charge to customers. UPS has changed the way it calculates the shipping charges and now has a much more aggressive rate chart for ground shipments that don't weigh much , but take up a lot of space.
The Profit margin on food product is small and we are not able to incorporate the costs of shipping into the retail price to make the shipping charge look cheaper like some of the larger web sites.
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