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Dill Pickle Chips

#20132 Dill Pickle Chips 9.5 oz bag - This is one of our most Popular Items - (12 bags per master case)

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Stephanie Napp (Alta, IA) 1/7/2021 1:53 PM
Ohhhh I was excited when I found out I could order a bunch of these all at once. My area is dwindling where they're sold now *sad face* So I decided I just needed to order them in bulk!! Other pickle chips are eh, but Old Dutch is the best!! I've told friends to try them and now it's their favorite too! You guys ship fast too!! I was so surprised when I saw UPS bring them so quickly! And they're still so fresh and taste great!! You have won me over as a fan and a customer. I will be checking out other things to order at some point, but ALWAYYYYS Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips!!
I love these chips
crystal norfleet (Arlington, TX) 2/25/2020 10:57 PM
I’m so excited getting these chips it’s the best dill pickle chip in the world nothing compares to these chips are delicious 😋
My favorite chip of all time!
Anthony Bridges (Houston, TX) 11/11/2019 2:45 PM
I am from Texas but spent a few years around Minneapolis and found Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips. I have tried every other dill chip out there and none compare. It is expensive to ship to Texas but when you want something good, price doesn't seem to matter. Thanks BoB for making them available! Looking forward to my next shipment.
best ever
marsha church (West Valley City, UT) 8/19/2017 12:44 PM
have tried different brands of dill pickle, but growing up in North Dakota, Old Dutch brand is the best, I have tried 3 other brands of dill pickle non compare.
I love Dill Pickle
crystal norfleet (Wichita Falls ) 3/16/2017 12:59 PM
I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota I now live Wichita Falls Texas but I will never eat any other Dill Pickle Chips but Old Dutch I love these chips every since I was a little girl growing up in Minnesota I can't get no better chips in America
The best dill pickle potato chips ever!
Theodore Borsukiewicz (Kaneohe , HI) 11/28/2015 2:02 AM
A friend of mine who's a flight attendant that used to live in Minnesota, brought a bag of these chips back to Hawaii after a visit back home. I was hooked ever since! No other pickle potato chips compare. I'm so glad that I'm able to order them from Bob's, It's the price for living in Hawaii, but they're worth it!
Best Chips Ever
william schanke (South Weber, UT) 12/23/2014 2:39 PM
I grew up in WI. Dill pickle are my favorite, no other brand of dill pickle even compares. Loved the chz popcorn growing up as a kid. My wife is gluten intolerant, so glad to see Old Dutch go the extra mile to make these gluten free. I will be a regular customer from here on.
Brooke (MOSCOW, ID) 1/13/2014 11:18 PM
I grew up in ND and these have been my favorite chips all my life! Then I moved to ID and haven't been able to find them (except that one time I went to Canada). Thank you for shipping to those of us that have moved out of the upper midwest! No other dill pickle chip remotely compares to Old Dutch brand!
Best Chips Ever
Leora Scott (Chicago, IL) 9/4/2013 3:12 PM
Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips are so tasty, you just can't eat one! They're addictive!
In Love and Addicted
Athena Thomas-Leiser (Prescott Valley, AZ) 12/4/2012 4:43 PM
My mother was eating Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips when she was pregnant with me. I've been addicted all my life to them, Im no "big girl" weight wise but i can eat 7 bags in one sitting, they are so addicting you just cant resist. When I oved outta the midwest i was so upset i couldnt buy them anymore i had family members buy them and send me bags. These chips are so good, no other brand or chip can compaire. espeshily not the Lays dill pickle. Old Dutch has them beat like no other.
my favorite chip, bar none
Jt (CA) 10/21/2012 9:11 PM
the most amazingly crisp, light, non greasy, and perfect dill-pickle chip. wow, so good! i am in love. ther is no chip like it. do yourself a favor and try these masterpieces
Augusta Macias (Lubbock, TX) 10/3/2012 11:03 AM
I was raised in MN and grew up on these chips. When we moved to Texas I could not find a chip that begin to compare.. SO HAPPY I CAN ORDER THEM!!!!! Every MUST experience these chips!
Nicholas Gamm (Salisbury, MD) 9/29/2012 10:02 AM
I grew up in Minnesota and always loved these chips. I am so happy to find that I can order them!! They are absolutely the best dill pickle chips on the market.
best dill chips
jason brandt (indio , CA) 9/10/2012 1:52 PM
Don't settle for any immitators. These are the best and Im willing to have them shpped to my home since I don't live near a retail store anymore.
The best chips in the world
Daniel Shankel (Saginaw, MI) 5/27/2012 7:32 PM
We found these chips on our honeymoon in 1993, and fell in love with them. They have the best dill pickle taste of any chip we tried. We live in Saginaw and have made annual trips to Newberry just about evry year since. We order them online when we can't make it up there. We just love them!!!!
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